5 Reasons Why Weight Loss Surgery In Mexico Be An Ultimate Solution


5 reasons why Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico be an ultimate solution



The trend of weight loss surgery has increased at an accelerated rate. According to a study conducted by The University of California, the number of weight loss surgeries has increased by 450% between 19978 and 2002. More and more patients, who have failed to lose weight by diet and exercise, are now fighting obesity with the help of surgery.


Those patients who are not able to afford the surgery at their home destination are looking for cheaper options abroad. Mexico is one such affordable option. Below are the top 5 reasons that makes Weight Loss Surgery Mexico popular among medical tourists. — The cost factor: The cost of healthcare in Mexico is much lower than that of many countries like US and Australia. The saving in some cases ranges between 40-70% of the US prices. The affordable Weight Loss Surgery Mexico prices had attracted many medical tourists from neighboring countries. — Quality healthcare: World Health Organization ranks Mexican healthcare at 61st position. The private hospitals of Mexico are well equipped with advanced technical equipments. The staffs are trained to address all the requirements of patients from abroad. Availability of english-speaking staffs eases the communication process. — No waiting time: Due to a rise in demand and supply gap, there are long waiting lines for treatment in many countries. Bariatric patients often have to wait for months to be operated. In Mexico, there is almost zero or no waiting time. Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico is available on immediate basis. — Experienced bariatric surgeon: Mexico is the home to some of the most experienced bariatric surgeons. A number of surgeons here are board certified and are trained and educated abroad. — Higher patient-surgeon interaction time: Bariatric surgery requires a detailed attention of the surgeon. A proper post-operative guideline has to be provided to the patients. They also have to be briefed in details about the surgery, its risks, and its outcome. This is a time consuming procedure. According to a study by The University of Arizona, the patient-surgeon interaction time in US is very less. In Mexico, the surgeons are readily available to address the requirement of the patients. For medical tourists, they may make themselves available on call or over the email to address all the queries of patients thereby, making Weight Loss Surgery Mexico a satisfactory experience for them. All the above factors make Mexico an ultimate destination for Weight loss Surgeries.

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