Caravan Accessories To Make Your Next Holiday Stress Free


Caravan Accessories To Make Your Next Holiday Stress Free



Owning a caravan can be great for extended family holidays, but you may find after a week or two that you begin missing some of the luxuries of home or looking for ways to make your trip easier. Fortunately, there is a range of caravan accessories on the market that are designed to do just this.

Spirit level

This is an accessory that is often over-looked and forgotten by even the most experienced caravanners. A spirit level is useful to keep on hand because it will help you to ensure that your caravan is level when you park it for the night. Having a level caravan is essential if you want your refrigerator to work at its optimum. The spirit level works best when placed close to the jockey wheel, as you can adjust the caravan as needed.

Waste water hose


This is a hose that is highly flexible, making it very easy to fold and roll up whenever you decide to move on. This hose should be an essential for every caravan, as it allows the waste water (from the kitchen and bathroom areas) to drain away without leaving any residue in the hose that will begin to small or leak onto other items.

Couple mate

This accessory is great for people who are prone to begin arguments when trying to hook their car up to their caravan, or for those who like to travel alone. The couple mate sits on the caravan\’s tow bar and is high enough to be seen by the driver through their rear window.

Towing mirrors

This accessory is an essential (and legal) investment for any caravan owner. They fit onto the vehicle\’s existing mirrors and extend out much further, allowing the driver to see out past their caravan. These mirrors can be attached in a number of ways, including Velcro straps and full gloves that fit over the existing mirrors.


Whilst the television is a common feature in caravans these days, many people have not considered the possibility of having a satellite installed onto their roof. This can help to ensure that you receive adequate television reception no matter where you happen to be (you don\’t need to be hooked up to an aerial), as well as the television channels that you love and want to watch.

By including the right kind of accessories in your caravan, you can help to ensure that your next holiday is as stress free as possible. Whether your caravan stresses are due to children who cannot be entertained or a difficult partner, there is a caravan accessory to help you out.

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