Get A Hold On Principles Of Payroll With Holistic Payroll Management System


For the fast development of an educational institution, school must focus on accounting and human resources department. These two professions are connected through payroll and it provides a reliable solution to the payroll system. All such types of dealing are handled manually by the payroll accountant who makes more efficient an employee.

Payroll work is the distribution of employee salary, dealing with tax and compensation at all levels and it must be complied with the government law. It easily calculates the employees working hours and according generate the salary of the employee. It reduces the chance of human error and makes the payment process smoothly. It assured the critical thinking, problem solving ability and teamwork among staff member in the payroll management system.


School can send the fee receipt on the parents mobile no or in their e-mail. School management streamlines all the school operation. Payroll management can control each transaction with their automatic functionality which gives productive result. It has various features which are described here:-

  • It is compatible with the window and users can easily customize their requirement according to their needs. It makes a user friendly environment for an employee to handle the payroll process.
  • It has the security features which secure all the transactions of the school and only authorized person can access it.

So overall, we can say that Franciscan E-Care, payroll managementsystem easily control all the operation of the school and managed in an effective way. By the implementation of the payroll system in the school, it meets the standard of the school. Employee satisfaction can also be raised by getting the salary on time. So it certainly enhanced the efficiency, productivity and quality of work of educational institutions.