How To Get Your Boyfriend To Orgasm By Talking Dirty To Him Through The Phone


The first thing is that you have to know your boyfriend a bit better. Find out what his fantasies are, what he likes and what turns him on. You can do that by asking him questions once you get on the phone. You should initiate things, so he knows he has a green light to back dirty to you.

“Are you home alone?” is a good first question. He’ll get the signal. Tell him that you miss him, and you wish you were next to him right now, because you got aroused just from hearing his voice. The key is that you say that in a seductive, aroused way – much “dirtier” than I tell it you here. Innocence is key.

Keep in mind here a very important thing: When talking dirty to your boyfriend – It is not as important what you say, but rather How you say it. Whatever you say – say it with belief. You have to believe in whatever you say, so that it doesn’t come across as awkward.

Tell him that he should touch himself and that you’ll tell him things that he likes to hear. Get him into a story, maybe some role playing. They key is to make things that you say as vivid and visual as possible. Tell him exactly what you would do to him and how you would do it. In detail.


Follow his reactions and keep talking and moaning. He will slowly start pleasing himself and listening to your dirty talk with all his attention. Tell him how you love doing these things to him, how they turn you on. Tell him exactly what you would do if you were there right now. A good thing to do is ask questions, ask him what he would do to you, what would he like you to do to him etc.

Let him talk back to you so that you can discover his desires. This way you’ll learn more about what excites him and you’ll quickly lead him to an orgasm. Moan and confirm when he tells you what he would like to do to you if you were together at that moment.

Tell him where you want him to orgasm, in your imaginary story. Always focus on the end goal – the orgasm. Talk about that part and get him to visualize that part – the “end game.” This way he’ll get ready for it and believe that it’s possible that he’ll get an orgasm just from listening to your dirty talk.

He will tell you where he’d like to “finish”, then talk more about that. Describe things with passion and desire in your voice – as if you know that you are doing something dirty, and that someone might even hear you – but you are just so excited that you can not control yourself. This is the right mindset you should be in.

Asking him questions will help you give him all the best answers, this way you’ll end up pushing all the right buttons – since he’ll point you to them himself. Giggle sexily when he has an orgasm, as if you just did something really naughty.

Moan and confirm when he tells you what he would like to do to you if you were together at that moment. Whatever he wants – confirm it, tell him you’d love that – and then build on it. Lead the whole scenario.

Don’t just make the whole thing a “quicky”, don’t rush it – instead, take your time. That’s why it’s nice if you do this through the phone at night, when you can talk longer and relax, when you aren’t in a hurry to get anywhere. Tell him every little detail, from how you would start, to how you would finish, and continually talk about how excited all this makes you, this will also excite him in return.

It isn’t that hard to get your boyfriend to orgasm by talking dirty to him – just practice, and make sure you can “deliver the goods” once you see each other and do things for real. That’s a very important thing. The more you enjoy each other for real, the easier if will be for you to describe how you would please him when you talk dirty through the phone.

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