Purchasing Used Cars For Frugal Living


Purchasing Used Cars For Frugal Living


Charlie Green

There is no better way to live a frugal lifestyle than by purchasing a used car for sale. Especially in today\’s tough economic climate, where households cannot afford automobile loans, banks are making it harder to acquire an auto loan and many families cannot afford to pay cash for a vehicle, a \”disposable\” used car is all that is needed to put people back on the road, for very little cost and absolutely zero debt.

When people buy used cars, they know that their purchase carries a lot of risk. There is no magic number to spend on a used auto that will guarantee it will last years, not needing any further maintenance. The biggest tragedy that can impact families who are suffering financially is when they pool together all of their resources, use it on one used vehicle, and find out they were taken advantage of, being left with a dead vehicle in their driveway that is worth only a fraction of what they paid. With cheap Craigslist cars, however, a family can drive a vehicle and come close to getting their money back when the car is no longer operational, putting the money back into buying another affordable car on Craigslist.


Whether having to buy a thousand dollar or less car due to financial reasons, or just trying to live more frugally, buying Craigslist cars will result in more money in people\’s wallets, less risk, much cheaper car insurance and a potential to even earn money from their investment. The basic guideline of using Craigslist cars to your advantage is that you need to scan listings several times throughout the day and be ready to jump on any opportunities that come up. There is a small investment of time, but in this case time is money and it will pay off for you in the long run.

The goal in achieving frugal living through Craigslist cars is to only act on vehicles that are under a thousand dollars, preferably even less. People who buy and sell cars always look at blue book values to determine an automobile\’s value. But most people know that, after a certain point, a running car is worth something to people in need of a vehicle. These are the cars you are looking for. A twenty year-old vehicle that has been stored in a garage, being sold by an elderly person who cannot drive, could last for years. If you keep looking at Craigslist cars a few times per day, you will notice that these gems will pop up, and you need to be ready to pursue them when they do.

Once you have paid cash for a Craigslist car, you drive it as long as it will run. You can also perform some affordable maintenance and upkeep, if you feel it would be a good investment. As you can, save up for another vehicle in case this one stops functioning. You can count on junk car dealers offering you at least a few hundred dollars for the vehicle that has died. You won\’t feel stressed if the vehicle fails, because you can easily buy other Craigslist cars.

Sometimes, you might even get lucky and find Craigslist cars selling for less than they are worth. In these cases, you may drive a car for a year, decide to sell it and actually profit from driving it all that time. These tough economic times require thinking outside of the box. Don\’t fall prey to expensive used car dealer loans or throw thousands into a car that can be a lemon. Buy low priced Craigslist cars, use them as long as you can, and get a little money to put toward your next vehicle, when it is hauled away.


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