Ganoderma Coffee


By Angelo Johnson

Ganoderma Coffee is a genuine black coffee made from Brazilian coffee beans and Ganoderma extract. It is highly enjoyable and refreshing. Also, it nutritious and pleasing. A drink commensurate with even the most discerning coffee drinker’s palate.

Ganoderma Coffee is the world’s first and only healthy coffee to reduce the levels of caffeine to less than 9mg’s per cup and include GanoDerma. Ganoderma is an herb that has been in use for over 4000 years. ganoderma is more powerful than ginseng and aids in the following ways: It provides more energy, less fatigue. It rejuvenates and adds vigor, as well as creating more alertness. By strengthening your organs waste elimination it provides better detoxification. It supports and strengthens the bodies immune system and lastly, provides a better night’s sleep.

Comparatively, Ganoderma Coffee has far less caffeine than other beverages. Regular coffee has 135mg of caffeine, Tea has 50mg of Caffeine, Diet


Cola has 46mg of caffeine, One oz. of Dark chocolate has 22mg of Caffeine, while Gano Coffee has only 9mg of caffeine. Also, gano is non-acidic. Most coffee has a pH level of 5.5, while Gano is a nuetral pH of 7.3 and 7.5

Ganoderma Coffee is all natural, and provides the consumer with Ganoderma grown with no pesticides, chemicals or preservatives.

As you savor Ganoderma, in your tea, hot chocolate, or coffee, you will feel satisfied that Ganoderma is working to help you detoxify and rejuvenate you body and stregthen your immune system. As this is ‘full-flavored’ the taste will impress you as will the healthy contributing effects. No longer will that morning ‘cup of joe’ leave you irritated and your stomach upset. The Ganoderma will lift your spirits and revive you. For more in depth analysis on Ganoderma go to to review over 200 studies on Ganoderma. Start your day with Ganoderma Coffee for your health’s sake.

Ingredients: Coffee, Ganoderma Lucidum Extract.

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