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QuickBooks add-ons are software programs that add new functions to the QuickBooks accounting software or they enhance the in built capacities of QuickBooks accounting software.

SourceLink, AdvancePro, Fishbowl Inventory management software, Acctivate!, Legrand CRM, Adagio Fx, DepositNow!, Giftworks, CNG-Books, CNG-SAFE, eBridge, My Business Manager, BillQuick, etc. are some of the many QuickBooks add-ons that are currently available for QuickBooks accounting software. QuickBooks add-on software programs add extra functionality to QuickBooks financial software.

SourceLink add-on is an integrated document management solution that allows users to link and retrieve files in QuickBooks financial software. With SourceLink, accountants and support staff can access source documents together instantly. SourceLink is the groupware that provides the features to assist and improve team work. SourceLink add-on software allows team to locate documents easily. Therefore, clients’ needs can be quickly served.

Fishbowl Inventory is the leading QuickBooks inventory management add-on because it fills the gaps in QuickBooks service so well. QuickBooks is a great accounting tool, but it lacks many features businesses need to track their inventory, such as barcode scanning, part tracking and advanced manufacturing tools. Fishbowl has all of these features, plus many more.

eBridge add-on for QuickBooks financial software is your integration solution. eBridge add-on is the leader in application to application integration and data to application integration in the small to mid-sized (SMB) market space.

With QuickBooks add-ons hosting service, end user organizations get unlimited round the clock support and complete security for their business critical data.


Advantages of QuickBooks Add-Ons Hosting Service

End user organizations get several benefits by availing QuickBooks add-ons hosting service along with QuickBooks hosting service.

Unlimited and Free Support Service

Cloud computing and application hosting service vendor provides superior service support service. QuickBooks add-ons hosting solution vendor uses best support technologies in order to assist you. An expert support team tries to understand your needs in the fastest possible manner. It s the team s responsibility to troubleshoot your problems in the best possible way.

Accessibility for Multiple Users

QuickBooks add-ons hosting service provides concurrent accessibility for multiple users, and access to the hosted data and software is available at anytime and from any place round the world.

High-Tech Security

Cloud computing and application hosting service vendor ensures that the right users have access to the right information in a timely manner, providing comprehensive identity management, access management, and user compliance auditing capabilities. Through integrated and end-to-end solutions, application hosting service vendor cost effectively and proactively mitigate and manage data center threats including application level vulnerabilities, one of today s biggest security issues. Network Intrusion Prevention System of the hosting service provider stops Internet threats before they impact your business and deliver protection to all three layers of the network, which include core, perimeter and remote segments.

Data Backup

QuickBooks add-ons hosting solution vendor provides full backup solutions for your business critical data. Technologies such as rolling data backup technology are deployed by the Cloud computing and application hosting service provider in order to backup data.


A Cloud computing and application hosting service vendor provides on demand availability of infrastructure and other resources. An end user organization can scale up and down its servers as per the load.

Save Much Money

A QuickBooks add-ons hosting service provider reduces operational and maintenance costs incurred in running software programs. As costs are based on use, your company pays only for the resources that it consumes.

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