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By Danny Ashton

Apples iPhone is undoubtedly one of the hottest innovative gadgets in the market today. Expectedly, this phone comes at a serious cost, too. But reality strikes hard – not everyone can afford to buy this gadget. So, if youre one of those who are dying to take hold of the device but you just dont have the money for it, then you can always go for second-hand genuine iPhones.

After all, an iPhone is still an iPhone, whether brand-new or not. However, as a buyer, be very careful. As they say in accounting, caveat emptor or buyer beware. It is all at your cost if you are not going to be cautious in buying second-hand devices. To be sure, take time to read the tips below for used iPhones.

1. Choose wisely where to buy the used iPhone.

Knowing where to find a reputable store is very important. This will help you avoid from buying fake iPhones. Otherwise, you might just be spending more than buying a brand new genuine iPhone. You may ask from your friends or check the Web for these.

2. Know which iPhone you want to buy.

To justify the cost for buying a second hand iPhone, you must know which model you are eyeing for. You just cannot afford to buy any available used iPhone which may soon have problems that you wont be able to fix.

iPhone comes in different types, from 3Gs to 4Gs, with 4G being the latest. Take time reading different reviews about these phones, including their features and accessories, so that you will be guided on which particular model suits both your needs and budget. Remember that you are buying second-hand iPhones for practical reasons and knowing which model suits your daily needs best is a smart tactic.


3. Purchase an iPhone that uses your preferred network.

Before you get yourself giddy in buying a cheap used iPhone, make sure that it carries your preferred network too. Otherwise, it is unlikely that you will get the most out of the device.

4. Ask for refund options.

To guard yourself from tricky sellers, you need an option to return the iPhone if it does not work in the same quality the seller purports it to be. If they cant offer you such option, then have them state explicitly why they are not offering one.

5. Confirm that the used iPhone is compliant with the rules of the Federal Communication Commission.

The Federal Communication Commission or FCC has made a rule that every mobile phone must facilitate GPS. If an emergency happens and you need to call 911, they can easily trace your call and find youall thanks to the GPS feature. If you buy a second hand iPhone which is not GPS-facilitated, then you are missing out one necessary practical feature of mobile phones.

6. Make sure the used iPhone has a verifiable ESN.

ESN is an electronic serialized figure that all mobile phones have. If the phone that the ESN corresponds to is reported as stolen or lost, then the used iPhone will not work if you turn it on. If you are planning to buy online, make sure the seller offers you the ESN number so that you can check the authenticity of the phone first before even buying it.

7. Buy from experienced sellers.

Another important tip is for you to check for sellers who have the experience and the knowledge about the devices they are selling. Be attentive when they offer you advices; do not hesitate to ask them questions about the gadget and take note of their answers if they are reasonable enough. Ideally, you want someone who is well-informed at selling used iPhones.

8. If you buy through an online auction site, get to know the seller by reading their feedbacks.

It is always best to know first the identity of your seller before making an attempt to buy from them. The best way to do this is by checking out on what their buyers have to say about them in the feedback section. More often than not, buyers will always reveal what they think about the items sold, so do not be misguided. Check out how fast the items are delivered, including the means of package tracking. When dealing with online buyers, you would always want a seller who is safe to do business with.

9. Be wary of items which are poor in quality.

Be sure that the seller states the quality of the producthonestly and accurately. Ideally, the seller should be honest, stating the general condition of the iPhone. Scratches, cracks and other evidences of use should not be concealed.

10. Make sure you are informed and fully aware of the iPhones actual details.

Before anything else, you need to make sure that the seller readily gives you information on how much the item will cost to send, when it will be sent, how long it will take and the probable delivery dates.

As with other second-hand items, you must have noticed too that sellers do not say much about the condition of the items that they are actually selling. Some would use standard phone pictures and not the pictures of the actual item itself. If possible, ask for a true photo from the seller so that you would not be disappointed once the phone reaches your door. At times, some sellers forget to mention which specific accessories come with the product, but you need to know these things before you continue making the purchase. If the information being given to you is not enough, you may proactively dish out the details from them in any way you can.

The more details they give, the more you can trust them to be genuine vendors. The more you know about the iPhone youre rooting for, including the sellers identity and shipping information, the better your buying experience will be. So, take a good grasp of all these tips. As they say, knowledge is power. As a buyer, you can never underestimate the power of knowledge.

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