How To Ready Your Caravan For Sale


How To Ready Your Caravan For Sale



There comes a time in all caravan owners lives when they must sell their old van on. Perhaps they re downsizing or upgrading, perhaps the lifestyle is no longer for them, perhaps they are unable to travel anymore, or perhaps they can no longer afford such an expensive asset. Use these tips to ready your caravan for sale and you will put yourself in a much better position to receive the best price possible:

Give the entire caravan a thorough clean, inside and out, before taking photographs of it and advertising it for sale. This includes pulling out the fly screens and giving them a thorough scrub and steam cleaning the carpet and curtains.

Consider printing up your own manual of the caravan for sale, as you would have travelled in it for many years and would know it inside and out. If there are any features that are a bit tricky to work out (such as the front left hot plate won t turn on unless all the knobs are switched to half), take photographs and document them in a manual that you give the buyers of your van.


Put everything that you plan on selling with the caravan into a cupboard or storage space so that when a potential buyer asks you what is included, you can open it up and say everything in here .

Remove as many of the personal items from a caravan for sale as you can, as this can sometimes put off potential buyers who don t want to search through your clutter.

Make sure that the caravan smells nice, much like you would just before an open inspection on a house (you know, when you would bake scones to entice the buyers). You don t have to go to this extreme, but simply placing a deodorizer inside can go a long way.

Make a list of all the modifications and extras that you have added to the caravan for sale over the years. This way, when a potential buyer asks you whether a feature is standard or not, you have all of the relevant information to show them.

If there is any small damage that you can replace cheaply, do it potential buyers will drop their offer considerably if they realize that they have to do work on the caravan (even if it s as simple as replacing some sun faded exterior lights).

By readying a caravan for sale using the tips outlined above, you can ensure that it is looking its best at every inspection and that you get the best price possible (maybe even above what you were asking!). Buyers do not want to look at grubby, smelly or messy caravans, so prepare yours accordingly.

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