Automatic 20 Pip Forex Trading System


Automatic 20 Pip Forex Trading System


Sam Beatson

Creating a forex trading system that works is a task some people assign to a divine entity who magically manifests itself as a marketer selling the latest “holy grail” forex trading system. When it comes to an automatic 20 pip forex trading system, the search is likely to be long and arduous, because of the old adage “if hes doing it, why isnt everyone doing it”.

In fact, I dont believe there can be an automatic 20 pip forex trading system because there is always the element of the forex market which is totally unpredictable.

Its not irregular for a forex analysts whose automatic 20 pip forex trading system is based entirely on his fundamental and technical analysis has to come back the following day and explain an unexpected reversal due to fundamental (socio-economic) news being announced lower or higher than expected resulting.

Another example of why this may happen in these times is a decision made about the war in Iraq for example that has resulted in emotional buying or selling of the USD for instance and therefore rendering the automatic 20 pip forex system another forex loser for the day at least.

So, if fundamental analysis can not be predicted, and as one author puts it “no one knows whats going to happen” in the forex market, how can an automatic 20 pip forex trading system be created?

The answer lies in the understanding of the word “automatic” If you truly want an automated automatic 20 pip forex trading system, you are going to be hard pushed. This is because there are going to have to be rules, such as not trading in the vicinity of newstime where the market reaction can be unpredicatable based on technical indicators due to the reaction of the market to the news as opposed more than predetermined technical levels which tend to get overidden particularly during major announcement such as the non-farm payroll data once per month.

However, you could call a manual trading strategy which makes a fairly consistent 20 points an automatic 20 pip trading system, but there has to be a footnote really, and that footnote must include various rules about the automatic 20 pip trading strategy as to when and how the system can and should be used exactly. The system itself is automatic in the way it roduces buy and sell signals, but, due to the nature of the forex market, it must be traded manually in reality using intuition and skill to not trade during false signals.

If you decided you were going to create the makings of an automatic 20 pip trading strategy, you cannot call it that immediately, because at first it sometimes will be good only for 10-15 pips rather than the full 20. At other times, it may give you automatic signals which tell you to get into a trade which goes for 50, 70 or even 100 pips at a time, which for an intraday forex trading system would be borderline outstanding considering the market may move in a range of only 120-150 pips on a reasonable trading day,

For an automatic 20 pips forex trading system then, one must know the online currency market fairly well. One must have education and mentoring and at least training in some indicators and strategies to understand the reading of the market technically, as well as a sound understanding of the fundamental analysis aspects of the forex market.

For myself, the automatic 20 pip forex trading system I utilise contains a good deal of classic trading rules, fibonacci retracement zones are mapped in, moving averages abound and there is use also of momentum and strength of the market indicators with as much lag reduction as I have found possible with fairly foolproof fail-saftey measures to reduce false signals to an absolute minimum.

Contrast that with a trader I spoke to today and I was flabbergasted to hear together we brainstorm from being technicals-crazy to having an automatic 20 point trading system that gives at least 2 signals per day across three currency pairs (a total 40 points daily target for the system) using only 3 lines on-chart and absolutely nothing offchart – not even a care about news (fundamentals) particularly because it does his head in. So, just as the fat lady sings when its all over, so expect that anything may be possible.

A system is automatic in that it one to be confident to enter trades. A forex strategy is manual in that it is the forex trader who pulls the trigger on a trade. Its automatic though in terms of generating the entry signal based on the lining up of a few indicators on the chart and off the chart. Rules include the times of trading being particular market hours and avoidance of important announcements is key.

This article concludes that it is possible to create an automatic 20 pip forex trading system, but it takes a lot of trial and error to create an automatic 20 pip forex trading system that does not generate a whole bunch of false entry signals and actually captures trades that go the 20 pip distance.

Sam Beatson is the founder of Beatson Enterprises Ltd and has compiled his own

automatic 20 pip forex trading system

. He trains others in how to build towards the same via his “THE Master Forex Trainer” website,

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